Best Recycled Skate Surf Shoes Of 2021
Recycled Skate Surf Shoes Of 2021
Best Recycled Skate Surf Shoes
Best Recycled Skate Surf Shoes Of 2021 in US, AU, SE and DK
Recycled Skate Surf Shoes
 Skate Surf Shoes in original black color
Recycled Skate Surf Shoes Of 2021

Original All black

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D’BRIS shoes help preserve natural resources and keep the oceans cleaner. Our original shoe, made from car tires and recycled ocean plastic. Handmade in Spain. Not China. 

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The majority of the outer soles are made from car tires, which is complemented with a mix of natural rubber and recycled rubber scraps. The upper canvas is made from high-quality polyester yarn made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. Between 5-10% of this is captured directly from the oceans and beaches by local fishermen and NGOs. On the inside, we have added cotton to increase the comfort of the shoe. The cotton is 50% recycled and the other 50% is certified organic cotton. Same thing with the laces. The insoles are made from PU, EVA, and cork, all recycled scraps from the factory. 

Handmade Skate Surf Shoes